Outside Scholarships

Many Cornell students receive scholarships from private external organizations such as foundations, religious institutions, civic service organizations, or corporations. Outside scholarships are awarded separately from federal, state, and Cornell aid, often based on specific criteria, such as academics, special talents, involvement, or interests. 

Outside scholarships are incorporated into annual Cornell Aid offers and must be reported to the Office of Financial Aid and Student Employment.

If you are expecting to receive an outside scholarship from an external organization, please upload a copy of your scholarship award letter to our Secure Document Upload portal.

  • If you receive an outside scholarship, the Office of Financial Aid and Student Employment will reduce “self-help” aid (work-study or student loans) offered dollar-for-dollar until no self-help aid remains.
  • Cornell will not reduce other grant or scholarship aid offered, unless required by federal or state law (examples: federal SEOG and NYS Excelsior scholarships must be reduced, under certain conditions), or in instances where total grant and scholarship aid from all sources aid exceeds the annual estimated cost of attendance assigned by the Office of Financial Aid and Student Employment.